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Rev B2

Issue to fix :
* [x] Fix chassis connection to `PE` : #11
* [x] Change resistor  of the voltage divider of `1V2` : #8
* [x] Remove `LED7` and `R33` : #9
* [x] Review of Schematic and board : #12

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board_revision: "Rev B2"
stage: package
image: alpine
- tags
- trigger
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- linux
- apk add --update zip
- apk add --update rsync
- export BUILD_DIR="./${CI_PROJECT_NAME} - Production Files - ${board_revision}"
- mkdir -p "${BUILD_DIR}"
- rsync -a "./${CI_PROJECT_NAME} - MDP/" "${BUILD_DIR}"
- rsync -a ./ "${BUILD_DIR}"
- zip -r "${BUILD_FILENAME}.zip" "${BUILD_DIR}"
- md5sum "${BUILD_FILENAME}.zip" > "${BUILD_FILENAME}.md5sum"
SwitchEthernet - Rev B1
SwitchEthernet - Rev B2
Consumption 250mA @5V
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......@@ -18435,10 +18435,8 @@</description>
<part name="R9" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="51"/>
<part name="R15" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="75"/>
<part name="C6" library="rcl" deviceset="C-EU" device="C1206" value="1000pF, 2kV"/>
<part name="GND6" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="R14" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="75"/>
<part name="C5" library="rcl" deviceset="C-EU" device="C1206" value="1000pF, 2kV"/>
<part name="GND5" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="R11" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="51"/>
<part name="R8" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="51"/>
<part name="R13" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="51"/>
......@@ -18597,14 +18595,12 @@</description>
<part name="+3V34" library="supply1" deviceset="+3V3" device=""/>
<part name="U3" library="micrel" deviceset="KSZ8895MQX" device="I"/>
<part name="J6" library="con-molex" deviceset="93755" device="-5226"/>
<part name="GND13" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="R20" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="220"/>
<part name="R21" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="220"/>
<part name="+3V38" library="supply1" deviceset="+3V3" device=""/>
<part name="R25" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="1.5K"/>
<part name="+3V311" library="supply1" deviceset="+3V3" device=""/>
<part name="J8" library="con-molex" deviceset="93755" device="-5226"/>
<part name="GND25" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="R27" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="220"/>
<part name="R28" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="220"/>
<part name="+3V1" library="supply1" deviceset="+3V3" device=""/>
......@@ -18622,7 +18618,7 @@</description>
<part name="+3V3" library="supply1" deviceset="+3V3" device=""/>
<part name="T3" library="transistor-power" deviceset="MIC9405" device="3YC6"/>
<part name="R30" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="100"/>
<part name="R31" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="1K"/>
<part name="R31" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="1.8K"/>
<part name="GND27" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="R32" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="3.3K"/>
<part name="+3V4" library="supply1" deviceset="+3V3" device=""/>
......@@ -18668,9 +18664,6 @@</description>
<part name="GND32" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="SW1" library="Switch_SMT" deviceset="KMR211G" device=""/>
<part name="GND20" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="R33" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="R0603" value="220"/>
<part name="LED7" library="led" deviceset="LED" device="CHIPLED_0603" value="Blue"/>
<part name="GND21" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="D2" library="diode" deviceset="1N4148WS" device=""/>
<part name="T1" library="pulse" deviceset="H1270" device="FNL"/>
<part name="GND22" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
......@@ -18679,7 +18672,6 @@</description>
<part name="+3V8" library="supply1" deviceset="+3V3" device=""/>
<part name="J1" library="con-molex" deviceset="22-?-02" device="27-2021"/>
<part name="+1V1" library="supply3" deviceset="+1V2" device=""/>
<part name="+1V7" library="supply3" deviceset="+1V2" device=""/>
<part name="+1V4" library="supply3" deviceset="+1V2" device=""/>
<part name="+1V6" library="supply3" deviceset="+1V2" device=""/>
<part name="C17" library="rcl" deviceset="C-EU" device="C0603" value="0.1uF"/>
......@@ -18700,6 +18692,10 @@</description>
<part name="PE9" library="supply3" deviceset="PE" device=""/>
<part name="GND34" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="PE10" library="supply3" deviceset="PE" device=""/>
<part name="PE11" library="supply3" deviceset="PE" device=""/>
<part name="PE12" library="supply3" deviceset="PE" device=""/>
<part name="PE13" library="supply3" deviceset="PE" device=""/>
<part name="PE14" library="supply3" deviceset="PE" device=""/>
......@@ -18757,9 +18753,6 @@</description>
<attribute name="NAME" x="74.676" y="41.021" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="MR0"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="74.676" y="35.941" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
<instance part="GND6" gate="1" x="76.2" y="30.48" smashed="yes" rot="MR0">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="78.74" y="27.94" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
<instance part="R14" gate="G$1" x="86.36" y="116.84" smashed="yes" rot="MR180">
<attribute name="NAME" x="82.55" y="115.3414" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="MR180"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="82.55" y="120.142" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR180"/>
......@@ -18768,9 +18761,6 @@</description>
<attribute name="NAME" x="74.676" y="101.981" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="MR0"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="74.676" y="96.901" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
<instance part="GND5" gate="1" x="76.2" y="91.44" smashed="yes" rot="MR0">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="78.74" y="88.9" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
<instance part="R11" gate="G$1" x="66.04" y="55.88" smashed="yes" rot="R180">
<attribute name="NAME" x="69.85" y="54.3814" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="R180"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="69.85" y="59.182" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R180"/>
......@@ -19128,9 +19118,6 @@</description>
<attribute name="NAME" x="193.04" y="252.73" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="MR0"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="193.04" y="250.19" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
<instance part="GND13" gate="1" x="215.9" y="147.32" smashed="yes" rot="MR0">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="218.44" y="144.78" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
<instance part="R20" gate="G$1" x="203.2" y="175.26" smashed="yes" rot="MR0">
<attribute name="NAME" x="207.01" y="176.7586" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="MR0"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="207.01" y="171.958" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
......@@ -19146,9 +19133,6 @@</description>
<attribute name="NAME" x="332.74" y="252.73" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="MR0"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="332.74" y="250.19" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
<instance part="GND25" gate="1" x="355.6" y="147.32" smashed="yes" rot="MR0">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="358.14" y="144.78" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
<instance part="R27" gate="G$1" x="342.9" y="175.26" smashed="yes" rot="MR0">
<attribute name="NAME" x="346.71" y="176.7586" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="MR0"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="346.71" y="171.958" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
......@@ -19245,6 +19229,18 @@</description>
<instance part="PE10" gate="M" x="307.34" y="143.51" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="304.8" y="140.97" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R90"/>
<instance part="PE11" gate="M" x="215.9" y="147.32" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="213.36" y="144.78" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R90"/>
<instance part="PE12" gate="M" x="355.6" y="147.32" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="353.06" y="144.78" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R90"/>
<instance part="PE13" gate="M" x="76.2" y="30.48" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="73.66" y="27.94" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R90"/>
<instance part="PE14" gate="M" x="76.2" y="91.44" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="73.66" y="88.9" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R90"/>
......@@ -19383,16 +19379,6 @@</description>
<pinref part="J1" gate="-2" pin="S"/>
<pinref part="C5" gate="G$1" pin="2"/>
<pinref part="GND5" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="76.2" y1="96.52" x2="76.2" y2="93.98" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="C6" gate="G$1" pin="2"/>
<pinref part="GND6" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="76.2" y1="35.56" x2="76.2" y2="33.02" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="LED1" gate="G$1" pin="C"/>
<pinref part="GND1" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="111.76" y1="213.36" x2="111.76" y2="215.9" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
......@@ -19440,18 +19426,6 @@</description>
<wire x1="370.84" y1="45.72" x2="370.84" y2="43.18" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="GND13" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<pinref part="J6" gate="G$1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="215.9" y1="149.86" x2="215.9" y2="180.34" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="215.9" y1="180.34" x2="195.58" y2="180.34" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="GND25" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<pinref part="J8" gate="G$1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="355.6" y1="149.86" x2="355.6" y2="180.34" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="355.6" y1="180.34" x2="335.28" y2="180.34" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="LED6" gate="G$1" pin="C"/>
<pinref part="GND8" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="104.14" y1="149.86" x2="104.14" y2="154.94" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
......@@ -20186,6 +20160,28 @@</description>
<wire x1="307.34" y1="146.05" x2="307.34" y2="148.59" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="307.34" y1="148.59" x2="312.42" y2="148.59" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="J6" gate="G$1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="215.9" y1="149.86" x2="215.9" y2="180.34" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="215.9" y1="180.34" x2="195.58" y2="180.34" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="PE11" gate="M" pin="PE"/>
<pinref part="J8" gate="G$1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="355.6" y1="149.86" x2="355.6" y2="180.34" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="355.6" y1="180.34" x2="335.28" y2="180.34" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="PE12" gate="M" pin="PE"/>
<pinref part="C6" gate="G$1" pin="2"/>
<wire x1="76.2" y1="35.56" x2="76.2" y2="33.02" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="PE13" gate="M" pin="PE"/>
<pinref part="C5" gate="G$1" pin="2"/>
<wire x1="76.2" y1="96.52" x2="76.2" y2="93.98" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="PE14" gate="M" pin="PE"/>
<net name="RX4_N" class="0">
......@@ -20514,17 +20510,6 @@</description>
<instance part="GND20" gate="1" x="10.16" y="134.62" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="7.62" y="132.08" size="1.778" layer="96"/>
<instance part="R33" gate="G$1" x="373.38" y="134.62" smashed="yes" rot="MR90">
<attribute name="NAME" x="374.8786" y="130.81" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="MR90"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="370.078" y="130.81" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR90"/>
<instance part="LED7" gate="G$1" x="373.38" y="124.46" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="NAME" x="376.936" y="119.888" size="1.778" layer="95" rot="R90"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="379.095" y="119.888" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R90"/>
<instance part="GND21" gate="1" x="373.38" y="114.3" smashed="yes" rot="MR0">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="375.92" y="111.76" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="MR0"/>
<instance part="D2" gate="G$1" x="55.88" y="160.02" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="NAME" x="58.42" y="160.02" size="1.778" layer="95" font="vector" ratio="10" rot="SR0"/>
<attribute name="VALUE" x="58.42" y="157.48" size="1.778" layer="96" font="vector" ratio="10" rot="SR0"/>
......@@ -20532,9 +20517,6 @@</description>
<instance part="+1V1" gate="G$1" x="353.06" y="144.78" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="350.52" y="139.7" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R90"/>
<instance part="+1V7" gate="G$1" x="373.38" y="144.78" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="370.84" y="139.7" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R90"/>
<instance part="+1V4" gate="G$1" x="287.02" y="96.52" smashed="yes">
<attribute name="VALUE" x="284.48" y="91.44" size="1.778" layer="96" rot="R90"/>
......@@ -20826,11 +20808,6 @@</description>
<wire x1="10.16" y1="152.4" x2="17.78" y2="152.4" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="GND21" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<pinref part="LED7" gate="G$1" pin="C"/>
<wire x1="373.38" y1="116.84" x2="373.38" y2="119.38" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="GND18" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="353.06" y1="167.64" x2="353.06" y2="172.72" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="J9" gate="-5" pin="S"/>
......@@ -21396,13 +21373,6 @@</description>
<junction x="27.94" y="33.02"/>
<net name="N$33" class="0">
<pinref part="LED7" gate="G$1" pin="A"/>
<pinref part="R33" gate="G$1" pin="1"/>
<wire x1="373.38" y1="127" x2="373.38" y2="129.54" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<net name="+1V2" class="0">
<pinref part="C10" gate="G$1" pin="1"/>
......@@ -21425,11 +21395,6 @@</description>
<pinref part="+1V1" gate="G$1" pin="+1V2"/>
<pinref part="R33" gate="G$1" pin="2"/>
<wire x1="373.38" y1="139.7" x2="373.38" y2="142.24" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="+1V7" gate="G$1" pin="+1V2"/>
<pinref part="C42" gate="G$1" pin="+"/>
<wire x1="287.02" y1="88.9" x2="287.02" y2="91.44" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="287.02" y1="91.44" x2="287.02" y2="93.98" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
ethernet-switch - Part List
ethernet-switch - Placement TOP.pdf
ethernet-switch - Placement BOTTOM.pdf
ethernet-switch - BOM.xlsx
ethernet-switch -
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